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Tattoo artists must have a clear and deep understanding not to mention an appreciation of art. That is the reason they are called artists. Having an understanding of art goes hand in hand with passion and talent (skill). Having these traits will give you the ability to pull off incredible ink art. However, as much as you have the skill to be on the pedestal of success, learning about art takes time, patience and practice.

Professional tattooing entails attention to detail, and a great artist keeps into account all the details that are especially in the art. We pre-sketch the design prior to the actual session and make sure that all the required details are included in the design and to avoid misapplication and smudging of colors. Maintaining close attention to detail also means that you mix your inks well, adhere to the procedures that safeguard the customer’s hygiene and well being plus a lot more where this comes from. Being a good tattoo artist means that even if you have hundreds of customers who are ever waiting in line for your service, you can still maintain absolute and undivided attention.

Shez Brits

Founder / Owner + Tattoo Artist

Sheradon Brits is the owner and founder of Moving Art Tattoos, she is a tattoo artist and all hands on deck!

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