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Body Art


 Standard Piercings


  Std Lobe  Septum
 Upper Lobe  Nose
 Helix  Eyebrow


Specialised Piercings


 Anti Tragus  Industrial
 Rook  Belly
 Outer Conch  Madonna
 Snug  Smiley
 Cheeks  Vertical Lip
 Munroe  Medusa


Ladies Genitalia


 Horizontal Hood  Christina
 Outer Labia  Inner labia bar
 Inner Labia  Vertical Hood Bar
 Fourchette  Triangle
 Verticle Hood Ring  Vertical Lip


All Piercings are done with Surgical Steel Jewelery

Please Note:

As well as facilitating a host of talented tattoo artists, Moving Art also offers an in-house piercing service.

Whilst we do cater for walk-ins where possible, it’s always best to drop the studio an email before visiting, so that we can book you in and avoid disappointment.

You must be 16+ to get a piercing, please bring ID.

We pierce only with surgical steel jewelry and surgical steel IV Cannula needles.

What is Blade Piercing?

We pierce using blade needles because they are less abrasive to the skin, the process is quicker and piercings often heal faster. Many people also find the blade piercing process less painful.

Cannula needles are designed for medical practices – when you give blood, that’s a cannula. Cannula needles have a thin plastic sheath around them which is temporarily left in the piercing so jewellery can be inserted into there and pulled through. Blade needles are designed for piercing, (there’s no need for added plastic; the jewellery is attached to the needle) so in one fast and smooth movement, as the needle is removed the jewellery remains. This means the piercing is performed quickly and the healing process is usually faster.

Surgical Steel Jewellery

Our goal is for your piercing to heal as quickly and easily as possible.

 For initial piercings, we use surgical steel for earlobe piercings. Any alloys in the steel are trapped inside the material through a special process so they cannot be released from the metal – meaning those with alloy allergies will be unaffected.

We know that having a new piercing is exciting and you may have already picked out some beautiful new jewellery, but we recommend 6 – 8 weeks healing time before you change from the initial piercing. It will be worth the wait.

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