112 Riverside Lofts, Tyger Boulevard, Tyger Falls, Bellville Cape Town, Western Cape

McKale Roux

McKale Roux

Resident Piercing Artist & Tattoo Artist


Where are you originally from:

I’m a proud Pretoria Girl, born and bred. Anyone that knows me will tell you how loyal I am to my valley, my whole family still resides in Centurion, my roots are very important to me, I will always have a close connection with the soil that helped me grow into the person I am today.

Tell us about your tattoos:

I had my first tattoo done when I was 16, I remember my dad telling me I can skip school the day and we went driving around for hours until we found the perfect shop and artist. Its one of my most cherished memories. Since then I’ve obviously added a few to the collection. All my tattoos tell you about the person I am, not all of them have in depth meaning like most people believe they should have, but the day I die, the ink on my body will tell the story of my life, my interests, my passions, my humour and everything dear to me.

What is your favourite tattoo:

Much like asking me what my favourite song or band is, this is damn near impossible to answer LOL. I have a portrait of Marilyn Manson on my thigh which is definitely one of my favourites, done by my very talented hubby Ettienne. On the same thigh I have a colour piece of little cat aliens abducting other cats on a beach, done in the shape of a cat head, which is also one of my favourite pieces.
The one with the most meaning is a tiny piece, done by Shez, of myself and my baby brother when we were children, simplified to just the outline.

How and when did you start tattooing:

I was lucky enough to have been raised in an alternative family, my dad is a complete metalhead and my cousin is also a tattoo artist so the lifestyle wasn’t completely foreignto me in 2015 when I walked into the tattoo studio of my now husband Ettienne to get a ‘Typical white girl’ tattoo, while finishing my degree in Criminology.
When you know, you know.
After moving to Cape Town I found my real passion lies in Body Modification when I started my piercing training under tattoo and piercing artist Justin van der Merwe. Soon thereafter I started tattoo training under Shez and Ettienne as my mentors and inspirations.

What is your favourite tattoo style:

Since I haven’t been tattooing nearly as long as my co workers I haven’t found my definite style yet, but thus far I lean towards geometric, mandalas and solid black work.

What is your advice to clients:

My advice to clients would be to STOP OVERTHINKING!!!! Get small meaningless tattoos because you like it, even if it doesn’t have a long insane story behind it, because one day it’ll also be a part in the story of who you are.


Contact Info

Phone : 0659131657
Email : mckale@movingarttattoos.co.za