112 Riverside Lofts, Tyger Boulevard, Tyger Falls, Bellville Cape Town, Western Cape

Ettienne Roux

Ettienne Roux

Resident Tattoo Artist


Where are you originally from:

I was born and lived in Rustenburg, North West, for 27 years before moving to Cape Town and being able to experience for the first time what life has to offer outside a small town.

Tell us about your tattoos:

I had my first tattoo done when I was 19 which resulted in my mother giving me a KLAP VAN EERGISTER AF. After that, my sole purpose was getting as many as possible in the quickest possible time, to show people that different is not necessarily wrong. To teach people with ‘small town’ mindsets that being unique is an art in itself.

What is your favourite tattoo:

My favourite tattoos are by far my fingers which says ‘STAY TROUX’ since my surname is Roux it has so much meaning to me, a constant reminder to stay grounded and stay true to yourself, what you stand for and what your beliefs are. My wife has the same on her fingers and my oldest son (14) has already mentioned that he’d like to get the same script as his first tattoo in a few years.

How and when did you start tattooing:

Growing up in a small town, good tattoos are few and far in-between. After having my first piece done I came to the realisation that the town deserves more than it was offering at the time. I was working at Dis chem when I had the opportunity to do a course at a local studio (ironically by the same person who did my first tattoo) My course lasted a whole 2 days. I tattooed friends and family for free for the first two years from a desk in my childhood bedroom teaching myself everything I possibly could have with what I had at the time. 2020 year marks my 10TH YEAR tattooing!

What is your favourite tattoo style:

I believe that all artists should have basic knowledge on all styles but the styles I find myself drawn to is Black&Gray realism and sketch style realism.

What is your advice to clients:

My advice to clients is always see the bigger picture.


Contact Info

Phone : 0659405805
Email : ettienne@movingarttattoos.co.za